Baghdad has set a date for the London road show for its planned 750,000-1mn b/d crude export pipeline from Haditha in western Anbar province to the Jordanian port of ‘Aqaba. Invited companies will hear details of the inter-government agreements, a technical presentation, and the financing and commercial model for the proposed 20-year Build-Own-Operate-Transfer project on 14 December.

The foreign investment project comes as part of larger Iraqi export infrastructure expansion west, which includes a 2.25mn b/d pipeline from Pumping Station 1 (PS-1) in Basra to Haditha, to be managed by Iraqi state oil engineering firm SCOP. The 1.25-1.5mn b/d balance would go either north to Baiji or northwest through a future Syrian pipeline scheme (MEES, 23 November). In the past political disputes with neighbors resulted in pipeline seizures on crude export projects via both Syria and Saudi Arabia. So for the Jordan BOOT project, Iraq’s oil ministry is hoping to attract a company from a powerful nation to protect itself from similar actions. Iraqi oil minister, ‘Abd al-Karim Laibi and his Deputy oil Minister, Ahmad al-Shama’, are expected to attend the road show. (CONTINUED - 280 WORDS)