Iraq’s cabinet on 21 May approved a contract with the UAE’s Crescent Petroleum to supply gas from Kurdistan’s 500mn cfd Khor Mor Gas field to the 620MW Kirkuk gas-fired power plant. The decision follows approval by a committee including the electricity ministry, and now empowers the oil ministry to sign a final contract.

Crescent (35%) co-operates Khor Mor alongside Dana Gas (35%) for the Pearl Consortium, which also includes OMV 10%, Mol 10%, and RWE 10%. In November, the oil ministry completed a 1km, 16-inch spur connection to an existing gas line linking Jambur oil field to Kirkuk, to bring the earmarked 100mn cfd (MEES, 10 November 2023). A condensate pipeline linking Khor Mor to Jambur will need to be re-purposed to handle gas. (CONTINUED - 258 WORDS)