Volatility in the Red Sea has proven an impossible situation to navigate for international shipping and energy companies. A fleet of container and tanker traffic controlled by world-leading companies have been either officially or quietly diverted away from the Red Sea in the face of continual waves of attacks.

On 15 January, the US-owned and operated bulk carrier Gibraltar Eagle (IMO: 9702508) was struck by an anti-ship ballistic missile from Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi movement. The following day, the Houthis struck the Zografia (IMO: 9486013) bulk carrier as it was heading north through the Red Sea. Greek-owned and Malta-flagged, the vessel was reportedly sailing from Vietnam to Israel. This was followed on 17 January by a successful attack on the US bulk carrier Genco Picardy (IMO: 9301720) off the coast of Aden. (CONTINUED - 1361 WORDS)