Buali Sina Petrochemical Company, a subsidiary of Iran's Persian Gulf Petrochemical, began operations at a reconstructed 400,000 t/y paraxylene production unit on 26 November. The unit, which was lost to a fire in July 2016, will allow the firm to restart its paraxylene and ortho-xylene production, completing its aromatics value chain.

Buali Sina has a nominal capacity of 1.74mn t/y and is known as the ‘third aromatics’ production complex in Iran. Located in the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone of the Gulf port of Mahshahr, the firm is one of five large specialist aromatics producers in Iran. Commissioning began in 2001, with all units operational by 2004. The units were licensed by France’s Axens, Germany’s UHDE and China’s Sinopec. (CONTINUED - 1064 WORDS)