Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are optimistic that the shared Dorra offshore gas field will finally be brought online before the end of the decade. The field is located in the Partitioned Neutral Zone (PNZ), and disagreements over how best to develop it have previously held up plans, with Iranian claims to a portion of the field a further complicating factor.

Shaima Al-Ghunaim, deputy managing director at Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) told an event at the Baker Institute’s Center for Energy Studies last week that the PNZ partners intend to bring the field online by 2029 at the latest. “With the Saudi Arabian government and oil companies, we are working on the development plan…the target is to have it onstream by 2028/29. This is a very stretched target, but hopefully it goes as planned,” says Ms Ghunaim. (CONTINUED - 880 WORDS)