Iraq’s state-owned Dhi Qar Oil Company (DQOC) has begun “pilot production” from it long shut-in Subba oilfield at a rate of 10,000 b/d. The field had been shut in since 2018. DQOC CEO Ali Khudaier says that the field’s capacity has been upgraded to 100,000 b/d, which would be a massive increase on previous levels of 30,000 b/d.

The project appears to have been developed by the Oil Ministry in-house, with EPC work conducted by its subsidiary State Company for Oil Projects (SCOP). According to DQOC, the initial phase production will rise to 25,000 b/d but Mr Khudaier says output will be capped at 70,000 b/d, presumably due to Opec+ mandated cuts. (CONTINUED - 207 WORDS)