Commissioning works at the 615,000 b/d Al Zour refinery are picking up. Local daily Al-Qabas quotes sources as saying that first crude feedstock entered the first CDU in early September with “full capacity to be reached in two months’ time,” implying full commissioning in late November. Al-Zour has three 210,000 b/d CDUs, two 110,000 b/d atmospheric residue desulphurization units, three 62,000 b/d diesel hydrotreating units, two 18,200 b/d naphtha hydrotreating units, and two 530,000 b/d kerosene hydrotreating units (MEES, 1 October 2021). Another daily, Anbaa, had also reported that refinery owner KIPIC is “preparing to commission the first unit” earlier this month (MEES, 16 September).