The big three US oilfield services firms say they are suspending their Iraqi Kurdistan businesses after Baghdad issued an ultimatum to companies working in the semi-autonomous region (MEES, 17 June). The development is part of steps Iraq’s Ministry of Oil is taking to implement a ruling by Baghdad’s supreme court that declared the KRG’s independent oil sector unconstitutional (MEES, 10 June).

Halliburton, Baker Hughes and Schlumberger have all sent letters confirming compliance with the 14 June directive. Schlumberger, in a letter addressed to Iraq’s Oil Minister Ihsan Ismaael and seen by MEES, says it “is committed to operate in compliance with the decision of the Federal Supreme Court No. 59” and as such will “not apply for any tenders in the oil and gas sector in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq [KRI].” (CONTINUED - 219 WORDS)