A Katyusha rocket landed near Iraqi Kurdistan’s 450mn cfd Khor Mor gas field on 22 June. The UAE’s Dana Gas, which co-operates the field with Crescent Petroleum says “no damage occurred and production operations continued normally without interruption.” Two contractor staff were treated for minor injuries but have returned to work, it adds.

The latest attack follows an escalating pattern of rockets targeting Iraqi Kurdistan’s energy sector, with Iran and Iran-affiliated Iraqi militias the lead suspects (MEES, 6 May). Khor Mor is one of the most important energy assets in Kurdistan and is the largest producing non-associated gas field in all of Iraq. It supplies the lion’s share of the KRG’s gas supply which is then used in the region’s power plants. A 250mn cfd gas processing train is under construction at Khor Mor to bring capacity to 690mn cfd by 2Q 2023. The KRG hopes to use volumes from the second train for export to Turkey but needs a pipeline link to be constructed to enable this (MEES, 11 February). (CONTINUED - 173 WORDS)