The US surged ahead of Algeria as Spain’s top natural gas supplier for Q1 after Algiers shut down a key export pipeline to the Iberian Peninsula late last year (MEES, 29 April).

The US exported a record 20.4mn tons of LNG in Q1, with three-quarters going to Europe. In gas terms Spain’s imports from the US were a record 3.74bcm for Q1 and a mammoth 1.45bcm for March alone, according to figures from Spanish grid operator Enagas, 1.08mn tons of LNG according to figures from data intelligence firm Kpler. Spain’s LNG imports rose further to an 11-year monthly high of 1.99mn t for April, the Kpler data show. Imports from the US were somewhat lower at 0.78mn tons of LNG for April (1.05bcm of gas) but this was still well above Algeria’s 0.85bcm. (CONTINUED - 196 WORDS)