The UAE’s leading emirates Abu Dhabi and Dubai have been investing heavily in clean energy sources and are now beginning to reap the rewards. Low carbon generation in Abu Dhabi nearly doubled in 2020 thanks to the full-year contribution from the 1.18GW Noor solar PV plant and, most importantly, the startup of the first 1.4GW unit of the Barakah nuclear power plant.

The latest figures from Abu Dhabi state offtaker Ewec show that a total of 4.1TWh was generated from low-carbon energy sources last year, up from 2.1TWh in 2019. This accounted for 4.8% of the total, up from a 2.5% share the previous year. Ewec’s total generation figures also include contributions from two gas-fired plants in the emirate of Fujairah with total capacity of 3GW. When removing them from the mix, clean energy’s share of Abu Dhabi power generation rises to 5.8%. (CONTINUED - 979 WORDS)