Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dbeibeh renewed Libya's commitment to a controversial maritime boundary agreement with Turkey (MEES, 22 May 2020) during his first official visit to the country this week. Turkey is looking to capitalize on its military involvement in Libya which effectively ended a civil war between eastern and western forces last year (MEES, 9 October 2020).

Turkish conglomerate Rönesans Holding reportedly signed MoUs to build three power plants, a shopping center and an airport terminal in the country. Aksa Energy also signed an agreement to build a power plant with Libyan state power firm Gecol. Turkish firms already hold billions of dollars’ worth of construction contracts in Libya, with many dating back to the Gaddafi regime. Of course, MoUs aren’t concrete deals and planned elections later this year could install a government less warm to Ankara.  (CONTINUED - 135 WORDS)