Iraq’s Minister of Oil, Ihsan Ismaael, says that Iraq aims to capture and process 300mn cfd from Halfaya oil field by end 2022. His comments were made while meeting with executives from China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corporation (CPECC), the contractor leading the work on delivering the facilities. Iraq awarded CPECC the project in May 2019, with a timeframe of 30 months for delivery (MEES, 10 May 2019).

Halfaya is operated by PetroChina, CPECC’s parent company, with a 45% stake. Other partners include Malaysia’s national oil company Petronas at 22.5%, French major Total at 22.5% and Iraq’s state owned Missan Oil Company (MOC) with the remaining 10%. The field’s capacity grew to 400,000 b/d by 1Q 2019 as a new 200,000 b/d central processing facility (CPF) doubled production as part of phase-3 development (MEES, 16 November 2018). Expansion work has been largely led by Chinese contractors (MEES, 11 December 2020). (CONTINUED - 214 WORDS)