Iran says that the first four 500,000-barrel capacity storage tanks at the under construction Jask oil export terminal will be brought online by June. Construction of all 20 tanks is now planned to be completed by March 2022, bringing the facility’s storage capacity to 10mn barrels according to the oil ministry’s Shana news agency.

The facility, which will have capacity to export 1mn b/d, had been planned to be operational by the end of the current Iranian year, which ends in March 2021 (MEES, 26 June 2020). Satellite imagery indicates that the new target is feasible. As for the pipeline to supply the terminal with crude, a senior official from Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDED) told Shana that construction is 70% complete. His statement that the pipeline can be operational by next month therefore looks highly optimistic. (CONTINUED - 135 WORDS)