Refinery at Haifa and the 100,000 b/d Paz Refinery at Ashdod saw products output fall to just 224,000 b/d for Q2 as coronavirus suppressed demand. This is down 29% year-on-year for the lowest quarterly figure in a decade and equates to just 75% of the plants’ throughput capacity.

*Diesel output was down 8% year-on-year at 99,100 b/d. Gasoline was down 26% at 55,200 b/d. And, with flights grounded for much of Q2, jet output was down a whopping 77% to a record low 7,800 b/d. The Q2 slump hit both plants in roughly equal measure. Bazan output was down 27% at 154,000 b/d while Paz output decreased 30% to 69,800 b/d (see table). (CONTINUED - 548 WORDS)