Tunisia’s southern crude output restarted again on 7 November after a near four-month blockade which disrupted roughly half of the country’s 35,000 b/d capacity and cost an estimated $350mn. The resumption comes after a deal between the government and the ‘Kamour movement,’ which on 16 July blocked output from Tataouine province, calling on Tunis to implement a 2017 deal promising investment and jobs (MEES, 18 September). The new deal stipulates that the government create a development fund, hire 1,000 workers and drop charges against protesters arrested during the unrest.

The blockade had put further strain on an industry already suffering from years of underinvestment, as well as more immediate challenges associated with the Coronavirus pandemic (MEES, 14 August). Crude and gas output stood at historic lows in September (MEES, 6 November). (CONTINUED - 126 WORDS)