BP and Eni are partners at five key production blocks in the shallow waters off Egypt’s Nile Delta. Here output resumed its downward trend last year despite an increase in output from 1.0bn cfd to 1.17bn cfd at the 2017 Nooros start-up on the Abu Madi West block.

The firms’ other four regional blocks – El Temsah, Ras el Bar, Baltim and North Port Said – remain in unremitting decline. Having waned from above 2bn cfd in 2012 to 934mn cfd for 2016 (MEES, 25 May 2018) output slid further to just 561mn cfd for 2018. As a result Nooros alone now accounts for more than two thirds of the firms’ offshore delta output, which totaled 1.733bn cfd, just under 30% of Egypt’s total output, for 2018 (see table and chart). (CONTINUED - 716 WORDS)