raq’s new Electricity Minister Luay al-Khatteeb confirmed this week that on 13 May power generation peaked at 16.3GW (and averaged 14.4GW) – up 3.3GW year-on-year – the most promising sign yet that Mr Khateeb’s reform efforts are paying dividends. Daily blackouts, particularly during summer, are a major political issue in Iraq and brought the last government on its knees (MEES, 26 October 2018).

The ministry forecasts peak demand to reach 24GW, and Mr Khatteeb said on Twitter this week that he expects average supply to exceed 18GW by June – which would more than make due on his promise to increase year-on-year electricity supply by 15% (MEES, 15 February). With Siemens onboard for the power sector’s overhaul (MEES, 3 May), Baghdad can certainly count on more capacity additions in the future – that is, if the government can stand the summer heat. (CONTINUED - 135 WORDS)