Russia’s Rosneft is making swift progress on developing its assets in Iraqi Kurdistan, VP Eric Liron told state news agency TASS in an interview this week. The state giant bagged five “production blocks” in mid-2017 (MEES, 16 June 2017), and has focused particularly on Block 11’s Bijeel field where it began pilot production in Q1 (MEES, 17 May). Mr Liron says “lift methods are being explored” with a view to boosting output from the current 2,500 b/d. Exploration work at other blocks is expected in 2020.

At Block 8, which borders Syria, Mr Liron says operations have been suspended due to the ongoing Turkish operations (MEES, 11 October), adding that “proximity to the border,” rather, the inference is, than anything geological, “is the only deterrent.” (CONTINUED - 120 WORDS)