Announced in 2011 the $5bn, 6GW Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) has suffered several delays. Although it is almost 70% complete, Ethiopia and key downstream state Egypt have yet to come to a formal agreement on how quickly the dam will be filled. The most recent talks, which took place in Khartoum between Egypt, Ethiopia, and the other affected state Sudan, broke down last week.

The main bone of contention is how quickly the 74bn m³ capacity dam will be filled. Ethiopia wants the dam to be filled over five years, with 35bn m³ of water being released to downstream countries each year as the dam is gradually filled. This, Egypt contends, will severely reduce the water it receives from the Nile River, during this period. Egypt’s counter offer is for the dam to be filled over seven years with 40bn m³ of water released per year. (CONTINUED - 803 WORDS)