Libya’s Gas Exports To Italy Rebound On Back Of Wafa Resumption

Libya’s gas exports to Italy rebounded in the second half of April after a three-week downturn following the resumption of gas production from the Wafa field, near the Algerian border in the west of the country. Exports through the 8bcm/year Greenstream pipeline on 2 May were 679mn cfd, the highest daily figure since 19 January, according to the latest figures from Italian gas grid operator Snam-Rete.

Tripoli-based National Oil Corporation (NOC) declared force majeure on gas and condensate output from Wafa on 26 March when protestors blocked a 32” gas pipeline between the field and Ruwais power station ( MEES, 31 March ).

Gas exports to Italy dropped to 110.3mn cfd on 28 March, the lowest level this year, from 446mn cfd on 27 March and 557mn cfd a day earlier. (CONTINUED - 474 WORDS)


chart Libyan Gas Exports (Mn Cfd)*... Volumes Have Rebounded Since Collapsing To Just 110mn Cfd On 28 March