Egypt’s Gasoline Imports Rising, But Key Hydrocracker Start-up Put Back To 2018

Egypt’s imports of gasoline are increasing, although diesel imports have leveled out. Delays to key $3.7bn new upgrading capacity means gasoline imports will continue rising until well into 2018.

Egypt’s gasoline imports are rising, even though refiners are holding gasoline production steady. First quarter gasoline net imports averaged 71,000 b/d, the same level recorded for 2016 as a whole. However, Q1 2017 net gasoline imports are almost 40% higher than the 51,000 b/d recorded for Q1 2016, suggesting that 2017 as a whole may prove to be another record year.

In contrast, Egypt’s net diesel imports appear to have settled around the 150,000 b/d mark on an annual basis in 2015-16 after a sharp rise from 2014, and the Q1 2017 net imports of 146,000 b/d are only slightly higher than the 140,000 b/d for Q1 2016. Quarterly data for net diesel imports appeared to have flattened out year-on-year (see charts). (CONTINUED - 702 WORDS)


chart Egypt’s Products Imports (Net, ‘000 B/D)
chart Egypt Diesel Imports (Net, ‘000 B/D): Up Strongly In 2014 But Largely Flat Since...
chart ...However, Gasoline Imports Continue To Rise
table Erc Plant Products ('000 B/D)