Kuwait Commits To Canadian Polypropylene

State petchems firm PIC has inked a $3bn Canadian polypropylene JV. At home it plans to integrate petchems with the new Al-Zour refinery.

Kuwait’s PIC has signed a deal for a 50:50 JV with Canadian NGLs supplier and pipeline operator Pembina, creating Canada Kuwait Petrochemical Corporation (CKPC) to build an integrated propylene and polypropylene complex in Sturgeon County, Alberta at an estimated cost of Can$3.8-4.2bn ($2.8-3.1bn).

PIC deputy chief executive Hosnia Hashim says the project will “contribute to PIC’s continued pursuit of sustainable and globally diversified petrochemical growth.” The project “will be positioned to flourish in a competitive market with access to secure and advantaged feedstock.”

The plant will process 22,000 b/d of propane supplied by Pembina’s nearby Redwater fractionation complex and other regional facilities. The propane will feed a propane dehydrogenation unit to produce propylene, which will be used as feedstock for a polypropylene unit. The plant will produce up to 550,000 tons/year of polypropylene for sale into the North American and global markets. Although Alberta is landlocked, the state’s rail network enables containerized products to be delivered to both western and eastern ports for export. (CONTINUED - 834 WORDS)


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