Algeria’s 2016 Gas Export & Output Records – Are They Believable?

Algeria has a reputation for unreliable and misleading energy statistics. Its favorite metric is the ‘ton of oil equivalent,’ and for gas the headline numbers are typically for wellhead output – up to half of which is subsequently reinjected or flared.

But, whisper it, the gas numbers that Algiers has been reporting to the Riyadh-based Joint Oil Data Organization seem credible. Those for past years tally with data from other sources – namely Spanish and Italian import stats (for piped gas) the International Gas Union (for LNG) and the IEA.

So the evidence is strong that for 2016 Algeria exported 53.55bcm of gas, the highest volume since 2010 (see table). (CONTINUED - 412 WORDS)


table Algeria: Key Gas Data (Bcm, Unless Otherwise Indicated)