Iraq Fires Up 1GW Gas-Fired Capacity But Is There Enough Gas?

Iraq is developing large gas-fired power plants that will require an additional 700mn cfd of fuel. Improved gas recovery from Basra oilfields is increasing available supplies for power generation. But shortages are set to persist making imports all but essential in the medium term.

Federal Iraq has received its first electricity from an independent power producer (IPP) project, with US firm General Electric (GE) announcing the start-up of four gas turbines with a combined capacity of 1GW at the Besmaya power plant 40km southeast of Baghdad.

The plant will have capacity of 3GW when completed in combined cycle mode. The first turbines are currently being operated in open cycle mode, requiring a supply of up to 200mn cfd of gas. The project is being developed by Jordan’s Mass Group Holding.

GE is supplying eight gas turbines for Besmaya as well as four steam turbines for the conversion to combined cycle operation. A second batch of four gas turbines is scheduled to start up in 2018, before the plant is converted for combined cycle operations. When fully operational the 3GW CCGT plant will require just over 400mn cfd of gas fuel. (CONTINUED - 1371 WORDS)


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