Iran South Pars Gas Output Soars 37% To Feed Domestic Hunger

Iran inaugurated five new phases of the South Pars field this week and claims output now stands above 20bn cfd. But with exports declining, where is it all going?

Iran has been successfully ramping up output from the South Pars gas field since the beginning of 2016. President Hassan Rohani said output from the field now stands at 575mn m³/d (20.3bn cfd), up 37% on January 2016 when it stood at 14.8bn cfd ( MEES, 15 January 2016 ). Overall, Mr Rohani put total current gas output at 885mn m³/d (31.3bn cfd).

Development of the field is continuing apace. Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh said this week that he expects South Pars output to reach 630mn m³/d (22.3bn cfd) by the end of the current Iranian year on 20 March 2018. If output from other fields stays flat, this would put total Iranian gas production at 940mn m³/d (33.2bn cfd). With Iran chasing total output of 1bn m³/d by then, sizeable output gains from elsewhere will be required too. (CONTINUED - 699 WORDS)


chart Iran’s South Pars Vs Qatar North Field Output Race (Bn Cfd, Raw Gas)