Libya’s East-West Divide Flares Up Amid Oil Port Fighting

Renewed fighting over Libya’s oil terminals has revived east/west divisions and split the state oil company. Political stability remains a forlorn goal.

Libya’s brief period of relative stability over the past six months which enabled it to boost oil output to around 700,000 b/d for the first two months of the year, has come crashing down as a Benghazi militia wrested control of two key export terminals from the self-styled Libyan National Army (LNA). The shutdown of the two terminals forced a sharp drop in production to 602,000 b/d as workers were evacuated (see p2). The LNA has reclaimed control of the terminals, but the events raise further question marks over the country’s ability to maintain production in the coming months, let alone meet ambitious production growth targets. (CONTINUED - 2139 WORDS)