Kuwait Hikes Power Tariffs, But Not For Kuwaiti Homes

Kuwaiti’s energy minister Isam al-Marzuq has sanctioned power tariff increases.

While road fuel prices hikes introduced by government in 2016 are being opposed by parliament, the proposed electricity pricing may fare better as it does not target Kuwaiti homes.

The new law has exempted private houses from the rise in tariffs, according to official news agency Kuna. At the same time the government sector will suffer the sharpest increase in tariffs and will pay by far the most for electricity if and when the new rates are passed into law.

The price of electricity for ‘investment and commercial’ housing – including the apartments where the majority of Kuwait’s expatriate workers live – will be raised to 5fils/kWh (US¢1.64/kWh) from the current rate of 2fils/kWh (US¢0.65/kWh) beginning on 22 May. Similarly the rate for industry and agriculture will rise to 3fils/kWh (US¢0.98/kWh) from 1fil/kWh (US¢0.33/kWh) beginning 22 November. (CONTINUED - 368 WORDS)