Libya Oil Production Falls Further

A spokesperson for the Tripoli-based National Oil Corporation (NOC) said on 16 March that oil production had fallen to between 295,000 and 350,000 b/d over the previous two weeks due to electricity supply problems to Sirte basin’s Sarir and Mesla fields. Both are operated by Benghazi based NOC-affiliate Agoco.

Detailed NOC figures from earlier this year – which also reflect the picture until the latest outages – had Agoco providing 236,000 b/d of 370,000 b/d total Libyan output, with the bulk of this coming from Sarir and Mesla (MEES, 29 January). NOC expects output to recover quickly to levels around 360,000-370,000 b/d, the spokesman says. (CONTINUED - 262 WORDS)