KRG Refining Down As Producers Prioritize Exports

The KRG’s three refineries processed a record 100,500 b/d in 2015. But volumes slumped late in the year as Erbil pushed local crude producers to prioritize direct exports in a bid to maximize hard currency earnings.

Throughputs at Iraqi Kurdistan’s three ‘regular’ refineries averaged 100,500 b/d in 2015, up slightly on 2014’s previous record of 99,700 b/d. But run rates fell to 72% for 2015 as a whole and averaged just 60% for the last four months of the year, down from an average of 80% for 2013 and 2014.

The three plants’ total crude distillation capacity is 139,000 b/d split between the 100,000 b/d Kalak refinery near Erbil operated by the local Kar Group, the 34,000 b/d Bazian plant near Sulaimaniyah operated by local firm Qaiwan and a 5,000 b/d plant at the Tawke oilfield operated by the field’s operator, DNO of Norway. (CONTINUED - 1098 WORDS)


chart KRG Refineries*: Crude Supply ('000 B/D)
chart Crude Supply To KRG Topping Plants Vs Main Refineries ('000 B/D)
table KRG Refining Capacity (‘000 B/D)