Egypt Looks To New Gas Finds To Ease Record Energy Deficit

Egypt’s energy deficit and the country’s overall import bill hit record levels in 2015. Suez Canal and tourism revenues are down, while the largesse of the country’s Gulf benefactors is under threat.

Egypt’s oil products demand hit a record 821,000 b/d in 2015, outstripping modest gains in crude output. Net oil products imports of 321,000 b/d were also at an all-time high, as were figures for diesel (149,000 b/d), fuel oil (77,000 b/d) and gasoline (59,000 b/d), while LNG imports – which only began in April 2015 – are now running at one cargo a week.

The country’s overall import bill, at $80bn, is also a record despite oil prices having slumped. Luckily, someone – the Gulf monarchies of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE – has been helping to pick up the tab. But whether they will continue to do so with their own revenue having halved is the $80bn question. (CONTINUED - 1442 WORDS)


chart Egypt Products Imports Hit Record 321,000 B/D In 2015 (Net, '000 B/D)
table Egypt Official Crude & Oil Products Output & Demand 2015 ('000 B/D)