Fadhili Fired Up

SEC and partner Saudi Aramco on 5 October awarded France’s Engie a contract to build a cogeneration plant alongside the state oil giant’s 2.5bn cfd capacity Fadhili gas processing plant (MEES, 22 July). SEC says the high-efficiency plant producing electricity and steam for gas processing will cost $1.2bn.

Cogeneration technology achieves thermal efficiency of around 80% by recovering waste heat to generate additional electricity in a steam turbine and to provide process heat. SEC says the plant will have capacity to deliver

1.504GW of electricity and 3.19mn pounds/hour (1.45mn kg/hr) of steam.

Aramco says it worked with SEC last year on front end engineering design for the Fadhili cogeneration plant. Aramco operates seven power plants to supply its own processing operations, and is looking to bring three cogen plants online this year with a combined capacity of 900MW. (CONTINUED - 226 WORDS)