Libya: Central Bank ‘Budget’ Poses More Questions Than Answers

Libya’s central bank is plugging away in its attempts to preserve its integrity as one of the divided country’s last functioning central institutions. But its latest set of statistics – revenue and spending numbers for the first seven months of 2015 – are notable more for what they omit than what they contain.


The war-torn country is split between two governments, one in the eastern port town of Baida which has international recognition, and an Islamist-leaning one in the capital of Tripoli, where all of the key state institutions including the Central Bank of Libya (CBL) continue to be based. In addition, large parts of the country are outside of the control of either government, including areas under the control of jihadists linked to the so-called Islamic State. (CONTINUED - 842 WORDS)


table Libya’S Finances: 2013-15 (Ld Bn)