Urgency Of Peace In South Sudan Undermined By Persistent Divisions

Sales of crude by the South Sudanese government have fallen to just 1mn barrels a month, according to the latest lifting data issued by Dar Petroleum Operating Company (DPOC), which is responsible for output from Upper Nile state, and by extension the country’s entire current output. The government received bids on 9 September for two cargoes of crude, one of 600,000 barrels to be lifted on 28-29 October, and another of 400,000 barrels, to be lifted on 30 October.

The volumes tendered represent a dramatic drop from previous months. The government marketed 1.76mn barrels in September, which was itself low in the context of previous months. It sold an average of 2.56mn barrels a month in the first half of the year, peaking in March, when it marketed 3.49mn barrels. (CONTINUED - 1134 WORDS)