Algeria’s Sonatrach Continues Relentless Battle Against Production Decline

Algeria’s crude and gas output fell for the ninth consecutive year in 2014, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) said in a report this month.

The report said, compared with the 5.5% drop recorded in 2013, last year’s figures, which show a 0.6% decline, point to a “notable improvement” which “could foretell a reversal of the downward trend that has marked the sector since 2006,” referring to what it terms as nine straight years of falling “activity.”

As with all official statistics these ones come with a major health warning: While the report gives year-on-year changes, it does not give absolute production volumes making it impossible to be sure exactly what is being measured. It is also less then 100% clear whether “hydrocarbons sector activity,” which the figures represent, is solely a measurement of volumes of oil and gas coming out of the ground or whether it perhaps also takes account of refining and/or other oil and gas-related activity. (CONTINUED - 1475 WORDS)


table Algeria: Key Oil And Gas Export Stats