Bidding for the rehabilitation and expansion of crude oil export capacity from Iraq’s southern terminals closes at the end of July, according to tender documents obtained by MEES. Iraq’s South Oil Company (SOC) has already short-listed three international contracting companies for the ambitious project, which is designed to raise export capacity to 7mn b/d by the end of the decade and to 9mn b/d by 2022.

The work will involve the rehabilitation of the Basra Oil Terminal (ABOT) and Khor al-Amaya Oil Terminal (KAOT); a study for the addition of a new platform south of KAOT and construction of two 48” sea lines from the onshore Fao terminal to ABOT and KAOT, which are both offshore. The project, to be awarded to a single bidder, also includes dredging of navigation channels for approaches to ABOT and KAOT; construction of a logistic island hub north of ABOT and KAOT; upgrading the Fao oil terminal; upgrading facilities of all onshore tank farms (at Zubair, Tuba and the PS1 pumping station); and the development of options for the storage, transfer and export of 7mn b/d by the end of 2020 and 9mn b/d by the end of 2022, with storage sites slated for Basra, Nasiriya, Maisan and Wasit, the tender documents state. (CONTINUED - 1226 WORDS)