Qatar Launches $1bn LNG Boil-Off Facility

Qatar has spent $1bn on a project to save 79mn cfd of gas, just under 1% of its output, by reducing the flaring of LNG boil-off gas by 90%.

Qatar officially opened its much-vaunted Jetty Boil-Off Gas Recovery (JBOG) project on 28 April designed to save gas flared during LNG carrier loading at Ras Laffan port. The motives for implementing the JBOG project, the cost of which has risen from $800mn to “nearly $1bn” according to Qatargas, seem to be mainly for its environmental – rather than commercial - benefits.

Qatar, which handles 77mn tons/year of LNG exports, is not only the world’s leading LNG producer, it also has the dubious honor of being the world leader in CO2 emissions per capita, with 40.3 tons for 2010 according to World Bank data - this compares to 5-10 tons for western European countries and 17 tons for the US. (CONTINUED - 1002 WORDS)