Jordan Taps Arab Fund For Power Expansion

Jordan’s Samra Electric Power Company (Sepco) has secured a KD16mn ($53mn) loan from Kuwait’s Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD) for expansion of its 1.17GW power plant at Zarqa, 35km north of Amman, to 1.24GW capacity.

The project will involve the installation of a 70MW heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) on a 140MW open cycle gas turbine unit at the plant, enabling it to increase output by 50% without needing more gas feed. Capacity of the plant has been expanded steadily by the installation of individual units.

AFESD has backed a number of expansions at the plant, including the installation of a 140MW open cycle gas turbine for start-up in mid-2013 and the addition of two HRSGs with combined capacity of 140MW for start-up this year (MEES, 9 November 2012). (CONTINUED - 327 WORDS)