UAE Nuclear Plans Advance

Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation’s (ENECs) four-plant nuclear program is on schedule, with the state-run nuclear developer applying for operating licenses for the 1.4GW Barakah-1 and Barakah-2 NPPs: “a very important stage in the development of the UAE peaceful nuclear energy program,” says ENEC chief executive Muhammad al-Hammadi. “The on-time submission of this operating license application is a crucial milestone in our journey to becoming fully operational in 2017.”

ENEC has contracted Korea’s Kepco to build four 1.4GW NPPs at Barakah and to bring one online each year during 2017-20. ENEC reckons that the Barakah-1 plant is 70% complete. Construction is under way on the Barakah-2 and -3 reactor buildings and the Barakah-4 site is being prepared (MEES, 27 February). (CONTINUED - 205 WORDS)