Jazan IGCC Comes Into Focus As Saudis Streamline Their Power Options

Saudi Aramco has confirmed that its Jazan power station will be the world’s largest gasifier-based plant at 4GW. The project adopts an innovative approach to power generation efficiency and fuel flexibility.

Saudi Aramco has confirmed that the capacity of the integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power plant being built at Jazan will be 4GW, with start-up in 2017-18. The plant is a key part, along with a 400,000 b/d capacity refinery, of a $20bn government program to develop one of the kingdom’s remotest areas.

CEO Khalid al-Falih says Aramco has “been entrusted to build Jazan’s strategic infrastructure through the development of a refinery and terminal, a power plant, a commercial seaport, a water desalination plant, roads and water and sanitary drainage systems, in addition to connecting electricity” (MEES, 27 February). (CONTINUED - 702 WORDS)


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