Oman Starts Qualification For Three New Desalination Plants

Oman Power and Water Procurement Company (OPWP) has invited companies to qualify for developing new desalination plants with a combined capacity of 240,000 m3/day, at three sites. The plants will be developed as independent water producer (IWP) projects.

While the request for qualification issued this week does not identify the locations of the three plants, an earlier “tender pre-announcement” by OPWP in October suggests they will be at Salalah (100,000 m3/d), Sharqiyah (80,000 m3/d) and Duqm (60,000 m3/d).

The new plants will be in addition to 730,000 m3/d of capacity due online in 2017-19 and will take Oman’s desalination capacity under development to 970,000 m3/d. OPWP expects Oman’s peak water demand to rise from 934,000 m3/d in 2014 to 1.34mn m3/d in 2020. (CONTINUED - 303 WORDS)