Sabic Links Up With 40 Firms In Tech Initiative

Saudi state petrochemicals firm Sabic has announced a strategic marketing initiative with 40 plastics and chemicals converters – including global, regional and local manufacturers – aimed at bringing “industry leading technology” into Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

The initiative is in line with Sabic’s strategy to focus on the development and application of “ingenious” new technologies, while working with manufacturers to adapt Sabic products to their individual needs. Sabic has “engaged companies that demonstrated an interest in growing their business” in these areas.

Global manufacturers signing up to the initiative include Samsung, Grundfos, Legrand, Panasonic and Siemens. Middle Eastern participants include Harwal Group, Nepro, Philips Saudi Lighting and Arabian Gulf Manufacturers. This initiative follows on from Sabic’s development of a global network of technology and innovation centers. (CONTINUED - 259 WORDS)