Jordan On Alert As Pipeline Hopes Dashed By Iraq Chaos

Jordan’s well-trained and well-equipped military may face its first major test in more than forty years as ISIS threatens the kingdom, reportedly seizing the Iraqi side of the only border crossing between the two. A 1mn b/d, $18bn pipeline plan to connect southern Iraq’s oil to the Red Sea will have to wait.

Jordan’s King ‘Abd Allah this week dispatched reinforcements to the country’s 180km-long eastern border with Iraq, after Sunni militants reportedly seized the Iraqi side of the Karamah border crossing at Turaibil.

With events on the ground changing rapidly, it was unclear as MEES went to press whether the Iraqi side of the crossing was controlled by the Iraqi army, armed Sunni tribesmen, or ISIS jihadists. Regardless, the Jordanian armed forces remain on high alert. (CONTINUED - 933 WORDS)