US And Saudi Arabia Back Egypt’s New President

Egypt’s new President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi received strong international backing this week, with both the US and Saudi Arabia showing their support for the army strongman. Gulf aid over the last year has reached $20bn.

A flying visit by Saudi King ‘Abd Allah was followed by US Secretary of State John Kerry’s arrival in Cairo two days later, which coincided with the resumption of full military aid to Egypt.

The release of $572mn in US military aid follows the election of Mr Sisi two weeks ago. Officials at the US State Department revealed that the military aid to Egypt was made available to the authorities in Egypt 10 days before Mr Kerry’s visit, after securing the green light from the US Congress. Under the terms of the 1979 Camp David peace agreement between Egypt and Israel the US provides Egypt with around $1.5bn in annual aid, most of which is military assistance. The latest tranche will be used to pay for recent Egyptian purchases of defense hardware from US firms. (CONTINUED - 836 WORDS)