Saudi Arabia has discovered a new offshore gas field, Oil Minister Ali Naimi announced on 9 October. Two test wells have flowed at 10mn cfd and 5.2mn cfd respectively, he told the official Saudi Press Agency.

Saudi Aramco desperately needs to find more gas and NGLs to fuel surging domestic power demand and feedstock for its petrochemicals expansion. It is revisiting earlier discoveries once thought overly expensive, and has pushed Red Sea and northern fields development (MEES 20 December 2010). Potential developments in these regions include: the Jalamid discovery, which could provide power for the Ma’aden mining and phosphate project in the north; the onshore Midyan Gulf of ‘Aqaba discovery; and the offshore Red Sea Barqan discovery. Aramco’s gas output rose sharply last year to 11.2bn cfd (MEES 4 June), while recoverable gas reserves rose for at least the 12th straight year in a row. (CONTINUED - 206 WORDS)