Iran on 25 June announced the completion of eight 500,000-barrel oil tanks at the delayed Jask export terminal in Hormozgan province, bringing storage capacity to 4mn barrels. Jask is located outside the Hormuz Strait on the Indian Ocean and was inaugurated four years ago by former President Hassan Rouhani (MEES, 23 July 2021). The claim then was that 2mn barrels of storage and one of its three 1mn b/d SPM buoys were already operational. State-firm Pedec now says it plans to finish building Jask’s remaining 16 tanks, bringing storage capacity to the planned 10mn barrels, by the end of the 1403 Iranian year in March 2025.

Jask receives crude via a 42-inch, 1,100km crude pipeline from Goureh farther west. Though this has theoretical 1mn b/d design capacity, effective capacity is 300,000 b/d, with actual flows much lower still. Pedec says it has completed 4mn barrels of underground concrete storage tanks at Goureh to facilitate higher flows. Last month saw the first loadings at Jask since August 2021 with the volumes shown as being shipped back through the Strait of Hormuz to Iranian facilities according to data intelligence firm Kpler. (CONTINUED - 185 WORDS)