Morocco has added 50MW to its installed wind capacity with the completion of repowering and expansion work doubling capacity to 100MW at the Koudia Al Baida facility near Tangier in the north of the country. €130mn funding came from the EBRD and other international lenders (MEES, 7 January 2022).

This takes Morocco’s installed wind capacity to a Mena-leading 1.90GW. Next to start up will be the 270MW Jbel Lahdid facility near Essaouira on the country’s Atlantic coast, which the country’s renewables energy agency Masen says will enter service by mid-2024. Jbel Lahdid forms the third of four elements of the 850MW Integrated Wind Project being developed by Morocco’s Nareva and Italy’s Enel. The second element, 300MW at Boujdour in the Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara, started up last July (MEES, 4 August 2023). (CONTINUED - 132 WORDS)