Chevron and its partners at Israel’s 13tcf, 1.1bn cfd Tamar field on 18 February announced a final investment decision (FID) on expanding the field’s capacity to 1.6bn cfd from late 2025 having in December 2022 approved an initial increase to 1.2bn cfd (MEES, 9 December 2022).

This came just two days after the Tamar partners (Chevron 25%op, Isramco 28.75%, Tamar Petroleum 16.75%, UAE state firm Mubadala Energy 11%, Aaron Frenkl 11%, Dor Gas 4%, Everest 3.5%) announced the key sales deal to Egypt which underpins the expansion. This will see an additional 43bcm delivered to Egyptian state-backed buyer Blue Ocean Energy between 1 July 2025 and “the end of the agreement period” which according to the initial contract penned in February 2018 and amended in October 2019, is 31 December 2034. (CONTINUED - 1593 WORDS)