Last year was always going to be a record one for Israel’s gas output, with Greek firm Energean ramping up output from its 1.4tcf Karish following its late 2022 start-up (MEES, 28 October 2022). Despite the impact of war with Hamas from October, preliminary figures given on 22 January by Petroleum Commissioner Chen Bar-Yoseph showed that gas output rose 13% year-on-year to a new record of 24.7bcm (2.39bn cfd) for 2023.

Whilst figures for the country’s two largest fields, 22tcf Leviathan and 13tcf Tamar, both operated by Chevron, are not yet available, the country’s third field Karish produced 4.4bcm (426mn cfd) last year (MEES, 19 January). As such the combined figure for the two Chevron-operated giants was 1.96bn cfd for 2023, 6% down on the previous year’s record 2.09bn cfd. (CONTINUED - 858 WORDS)