Oman’s Jet fuel exports plummeted in August following a summer surge. Newly released government statistics show exports from the sultanate hit 6,200 b/d in August, a new low for the year and down 8,000 b/d year on year. Likewise, refinery production of the fuel fell to 19,000 b/d for August, bringing it in line with yearly averages.

The sharp drop in both exports and production follows a boom in both this summer. Government data show jet fuel production at Oman’s refineries reached an average of 43,000 b/d across June and July, almost double the same time last year, and more than double 2021 levels. Similarly, export volumes hit 30,000 b/d in July bolstered by a rare 15,000 b/d bound for Europe, according to data analytics firm Kpler. Gulf refiners have profited from tighter European markets this summer, sending record amounts of distillates to the continent (MEES, 15 September). (CONTINUED - 148 WORDS)